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Malta Work Permit Regulations for nationals of Non-European Union Member States

Nationals of countries which are not members of the EU should follow the following procedure

How to obtain a work permit.

IMPORTANT: Non-residents who have no job offer from an employer in Malta must FIRST find a job. Only then can they start the application process for the issue of a work permit.

Conditions for the Issue of a Licence:

1 Only the employer can apply for a work permit on the behalf of the individual.

2. The applicant must be in possession of a job offer from an employer in Malta.

3. The applicant must possess a specialist skill or qualification which is lacking in Malta.

4. A significant demand must exist in a particular sector e.g. construction workers, qualified nurses, tourist guides with particular language skills...

Once a job offer has been secured, the employer will provide the employee with all the relevant documents for signature.

Validity & Renewal - Employment licences are normally issued valid for one year. Licenses valid for up to three years may also be applied for at the express request of the employer and provided sufficient justification is given.  Licences may be renewed thereafter where a request to that effect is justified.

Residence Permit - A residence permit is automatically granted with the approval of a work permit for the applicant and his/her spouse. However, this does not entitle the spouse to work or automatically  qualify for an employment licence unless demand for work is felt in the respective field.

Indefinite licences - Where a foreign national is an investor in the manufacturing or financial services sector and holds substantial shareholding (40%) in the enterprise, the relative licence may be issued indefinitely.

After obtaining a job offer - applicants will need to have the same documents to hand as those outlined
for nationals of EU Member States


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