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How to obtain a work permit.

1. - For nationals of European Union Member States
Nationals of any member state of the European Union (EU) can obtain such a work permit by filling in the relevant form and submitting the following documentation to the Department of Citizenship and Expatriates

•  Form duly filled up
•  3 passport size photos
•  Curriculum vitae
•  Photocopy of passport or identity document
•  Payment of Lm10 on application and another Lm15 on collecting permit

After the work permit has been issued it will be necessary to obtain

•  a Social Security number from the Social Security Department, 38 Ordinance Street , Valletta ; and
•  an Income Tax identification number from the Department of Inland Revenue in Floriana.

The applicant's passport or identity document needs to be presented for the numbers to be issued.

Nationals of any EU state can also work in Malta as self-employed or sole traders
without the need to obtain a work permit.

 In this case they require:

•  a Social Security number,
•  an Income Tax identification number and
•  a Value Added Tax (VAT) registration number from the VAT Department in B'kara.

Nationals of any EU state can also incorporate a company to carry out any type of business in Malta .

The followowing link will take you to the correct CV format - EU

Euoropass CV Template


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