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Malta is a very small country and, because of that, has its problems when it comes to immigration. However as statistics show, Malta does have a relatively high number of foreigners from all over the world working here in different sectors. These foreign workers are mainly from European countries but in recent years, immigrants arriving from India and China have increased significantly.


Looking for a job

There are several agencies who find work for foreigners coming to work in Malta.

The ETC - www.etc.gov.mt

Commercial Services Bureau - vacancycentre.com

Misco - Malta - Site Vacancy List



All foreigners wishing to work in Malta require a work permit. Check the folllowing links for information on how to get a work permit and national insurance number


Social Security - National Insurance Number

After obtaining work the foreign worker is required to do the following:

  1. Register at the social security office located at:
    The National Insurance Division of the Department of Socal Security, 38 Ordinace Street , Valletta CMR 02
    (Tel. No. 21 222440) RE: Insurance stamps and to be given a N.H.I. number
  2. Secondly, they must also go to the Expatriates Division of the Inland Revenue Department, St. Calcidonius Square , Floriana CMR 02, (Tel. No. 21220486), - RE: Income Tax Act, (Cap. 123)

Neither of these two actions are possible without FIRST obtaining a work permit It is ILLEGAL to work without this permit.


Rights and duties of workers and employers


The following link gives full and comprehensive information regarding the rights and duties of workers and employers in Malta. It gives clear links to answer specific questions such as the standard working hours, contracts of employment, holidays, maternity leave etc




Living and working in Malta

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