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Romanian National Council For Refugees


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CNRR is a non-governmental organisation of public utility, established in 1998 and it is the largest NGO for refugees in Romania. The main objectives of this NGO are:
  • To protect the right to asylum and the exercise of that right during the refugee status determination.
  • To facilitate the integrations of the refugees in the Romanian society.
With the support of networks of legal representatives, students and volunteers, it develops legal, social and medical counselling assistance, as well as training and research activities mainly in the benefit irregular aliens, asylum-seekers and refugees. All these services are free of charge.

Contact Person: Niculae Carcu
Address: Str. Mantulesa 42, ap 10, sect 2
023962. Bucharest
Telephone: +40 21 312 62 10 / +40 31 405 02 75
Fax: +40 21 312 62 10
Mobile Nº: +40 744 317 923
E-mail: office@cnrr.ro; carcu@cnrr.ro
Web: www.cnrr.ro