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Magensinus. Empresa Promotora de Servicios do Ensino, Lda.


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Magensinus is a professional training centre with experience in the development of collaborative programmes aimed at disadvantaged minority groups. They have previously accomplished projects to assist with the integration of Gypsies and Prison inmates into the workforce. Their outlook is characterised by the use of innovative training techniques. They are currently developing, in accordance with the Portuguese Ministry of Education, an e-learning programme to help people who have dropped out of professional training programmes.

Contact Person: Pedro Le de Matos
Address: Avd. Almirante Gago Coutinho, 95.
1700-028. Lisboa
Telephone: +351 218474029/31
Fax: +351 218474019
E-mail: pedro-le@clix.pt
Web: www.magestil.pt