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Concello de Mos, Education, Employ and Training Deparment Centro de Desarrollo Local


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During the last years, the City Council of Mos has been carrying out an important labour in the field of promotion of a balanced, sustained social and economical development. In order to do so, the municipality has created the Local Development Centre. Among the several projects that have been carried out in this regard, we can point out a high dimension project aimed at the integration of immigrants.

The main activities developed through this organisation are: continuous training courses (FORCEM) and occupational training courses (FIP plan); development of projects for labour insertion of specific collectives and enterprises, through agreements with companies and labour organisations; activities for the promotion of disfavoured collectives, aimed, in particular, at disabled, immigrants and women; and finally, development of international collaboration programs.

Contact Person: Gerardo Alonso / Ana Vazquez /Cecilia Albarenga
Address: Ctra. Peinador, 41.
36416. Mos (Pontevedra)
Telephone: +34 986 48 77 33 / 86
Fax: +34 986 48 66 12
E-mail: Gerardo.alonso.porto@concellomos.es; aedl@concellomos.es; eu@concellomos.es
Web: www.concellomos.es