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How to get health assistance:


There are three main ways to obtain health care:


1. Visiting a General Practicioner

Nearly every pharmacy on the island has a room which is set aside as a doctor's surgery.. Local doctors hold their clinics here at set times. There is normally no need to make an appointment. The charge for consultation is generally between Lm3 to Lm5 excluding the cost of medicine. A home visit can also be arranged by phoning the pharmacy. This will cost a little more and patients should check on the price before arranging for a visit.


Visit a Government Polyclinic (Medical Centre)

Goverment Poloyclinics are situated in convenient places around the island. They are staffed by experienced doctors and nurses and carry out normal consultations as well as small medical procedures. See below for payment details for these clinics.


Governmet Hospitals

For accidents or emergency care - the casualty department at the goverment hospitals are always available. A charge for this service is made when persons are not covered by a EU health card or there is no agreement between the patient's country's health system and the Maltese health system. This will be dealt with after the emergency has been seen to.

For addmittance to hospitals - a patient must be referred either by a General Practitioner, Poly Clinic, Specialist Consultant or by the Casualty Department of the hospital.


Payment for Health Care from Government Hospitals or Clinics.

For persons from EU Member States

Before they are entitled to free treatment at any government polyclinic or hospital, they must obtain a certificate from the Entitlements' Unit within the Ministry of Health. This document, together with a passport or I.D., should be shown when going for treatment.

Temporary visitors from the EU can obtain a European Health Insurance Card from their own country before coming to Malta. This should be shown, together with their I.D. or passport when visiting a government health centre.

If the relevant forms are not presented, health care bills must be paid in full prior to leaving the health care facility. Both cash payments and credit cards payments are possible.

For full details see - National Health Service


Non EU memebers

Persons from other non-EU countries, should make sure that they are adequately covered by private insurance for all health care.


Health assistance for Irregular Immigrants:

Irregular Immigrants are immediately checked for health problems on arrival. Since they will then be held in detention till their personal situation is assessed, it is the responsibility of the government to look after all their needs including health care.

If, and when, they are allowed to stay in Malta , and they leave the detention centre, they will be given documents so that they can which will allow them to receive free treatment at any government poly-clinic or hospitals.


Full List of all Government Hospitals

Malta Public Hospitals
St Luke's Hospital, Gwardamanga (incl Karin Grech Hospital - maternity)
Tel: 21241251, 21247860,

Mount Carmel Hospital, Rabat
Psychiatric hospital
Tel: 21415183/4/5

Sir Paul Boffa Hospital, Floriana
Skin cancer, dermatology unit and convalescence
Tel: 21224491, 21224581, 21245091
Fax: 21225705

Zammit Clapp Hospital, St Julians
Acute geriatric hopsital
Tel: 21344950-9; Fax: 21344914

St Vincent de Paule Residence, Luqa
Residence for the elderly
Tel: 21224461, 21226323/4; 21232108/9
Fax: 247093

Gozo Gozo General Hospital
Tel: 21561600
Fax: 21560881

Ta' l-Ibragg Hospital
Psychiatric wing and geriatrics
Tel: 21562700


Poly Clinics - locations and telephone numbers

Floriana Health Centre
Tel: 21 243314-5 / 21 244340

Gzira Health Centre
Tel: 21 337245 / 21 344766

Qormi Health Centre
Tel: 21 484450-3

Paola Health Centre
Tel: 21 691314-5 / 21 694020

Cospicua Health Centre
Tel: 21 675492 / 21 673292-3

Mosta Health Centre
Tel: 21 433256 / 21 432062 / 21 411065

Rabat Health Centre
Tel: 21 459082 / 21 459083

B'Kara Health Centre
Tel: 21 494960 / 21 485376

Gozo Health Centre
Tel: 21 561600





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