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Health Care in Ireland

The health care system in Ireland is administered by the government-established Health Service Executive (HSE).  Hospital care is free to all, while citizens (and their dependants, be they adult or child) who earn below a certain limit are entitled to receive some more services such as dental care, prescription drugs and GP visits) for free via a 'medical card'.  Health insurance is available to the population for those who want to avail of it.

Primary healthcare in Ireland is provided by doctors known as general practitioners (GPs) who usually operate as sole traders or in clinics with up to two other GPs.  GPs generally charge on a per-consultation fee basis.  People with Medical cards are exempt from charges.

Most hospitals in Ireland offer a full range of healthcare including accident and emergency services.

Please follow the links below to find out about all aspects of Irish health and how to gain access to health care amenities

1. A comprehensive site for all aspects of medical care in Ireland is


2. The website of the Government department for Health and Children is at


3. Where to go for emergency events

Dial 999 or 112 from any phone for Ambulance, Police ("Gardaí") or Fire Brigade. 

4. In the event of a small medicinal problem

Any high street pharmacy store should be able to advise about small ailments or will be able to refer to a suitable medical practitioner. 

5. For assistance on how to be eligible and to receive a health card / social welfare card in Ireland


6. For all migrants who require assistance with health cover or claims



7. For all Legal rights in the field of health assistance in Ireland



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