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The University of Malta - http://www.um.edu.mt/


The main entry routes to the University may be grouped as follows:

* from college or sixth form
* from another university
* from other institutions of further education
* as a mature student

Details of entry requirements to postgraduate courses are available in a separate publication.

Entry from College/Sixth Form

Admission to the University and indeed for certain degree or diploma courses is on the basis of a standard set of qualifications. Such qualifications are obtained at the end of secondary education, normally at age 18. Candidates in possession of these qualifications satisfy the General Entry Requirements.

It is likely that the majority of candidates will offer the specific examination passes set out below. However the University may accept other qualifications considered to be sufficient.

General Entry Requirements

The general entry requirements are meant to ensure that candidates have an adequate general educational background appropriate for tertiary studies, and are able to show their ability to pursue a course of study at the University with profit.

The General Entry Requirements are the following:
a. the Matriculation Certificate (which includes six subjects, two of which taken at Advanced Level and four subjects taken at Intermediate Level including Systems of Knowledge);
b. passes in the Secondary Education Certificate at Grade 5 or better in Maltese*, English Language and Mathematics.

*Overseas Applicants
Normally qualifications that give access to education in the country of origin are favourably considered as long as it is ascertained that they are of comparable standard to the General Entry Requirements of the University of Malta. In some instances, applicants may be advised to follow a one year Foundation Course. Maltese is not a requisite for overseas students.

Special Course Requirements

Course requirements ensure that candidates wishing to follow a particular course of study at the University have already achieved a sufficient level of performance in those subjects which are a critical basis of the areas of study proposed or which are necessary for a proper understanding of parts of the course.

It is important to note therefore, that not all subjects approved for the General Entry Requirements count towards satisfying the course requirements.

A special leaflet is available, providing information on the Special Course Requirements applicable to a particular year.

Grades obtained from single subject examinations from local or foreign boards shall also be considered towards satisfying the Special Course Requirements, provided a candidate is already in possession of the General Entry Requirements.

Entry from another University

Applicants who have completed in full or in part a degree course at a recognised University, which is of an equivalent standard, may be admitted to a degree or diploma course. Applicants are required to present sufficient documentary detail to ascertain their competence in any particular area of study.

Entry from Institutions of Further Education

The University may consider admission by candidates whose qualifications may be deemed to be equivalent in part or in whole to its General Entry Requirements, subject also to the satisfaction of Special Course Requirements, where applicable.

Entry as a Mature Student

The University considers applications from mature candidates, that is, persons who would be at least 23 years of age by the 1st October of the year or by the beginning of the course for which they apply.

Mature applicants may not necessarily be required to present the formal qualifications listed above. However, they may be accepted on the basis of a wide variety of acquirements. The Admissions Board, acting on the advice of a faculty admissions committee, assesses mature candidates in order to ascertain whether they possess the necessary academic background to follow the proposed course with profit.

It is important that mature candidates contact the University in order to discuss the acceptability of their current qualifications (including relevant experience), and to seek early advice about how to meet any additional requirements for a particular course.

How to apply for Admission - Maltese Students
Applications for admission to the University can be submitted during the call for applications at the end of July at the:
Admissions and Records Office.
Room 112 (Administration Building).

E-mail: admissions@um.edu.mt

How to apply for Admission - Overseas Students
Application forms and further information may be obtained from:

The International Office
University of Malta,
Msida MSD 06,

Tel: (356) 2340 2224
Fax: (356) 21 316941
E-mail: intadmissions@um.edu.mt

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