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Educational System of Malta


The educational system in Malta is divided into three main branches:

Primary Education, which extends from age five till eleven

Secondary Education which stretches from age eleven till sixteen

And Tertiary Education. We have one University, recognized by major foreign Universities.

Education is compulsory from age five till sixteen. Parents can opt to send their children to State, Church or Private Schools. The Maltese Educational System is based on the British model.

The Maltese educational institutions - State, private, and religious - provide an extensive system which caters for all requirements. Schooling is compulsory from age 5 to 16 but kindergarten classes are provided from the age of 3 and more than 54% of students continue with their education and training after the age of 16. Church schools are substantially subsidized by Government and tuition is free. There is a National Minimum Curriculum set for all schools and there are National Minimum Conditions to establish standards of hygiene, safety, dimensions of classrooms, and amenities.

The State primary school system is localized in every town and village. The State secondary school system is streamed into Lyceums and secondary schools. Students can either go to a trade school after three years of secondary level education. Most however continue on their studies and at the end of their fifth year in secondary school they take the Matriculation Secondary Education Certificate (MATSEC).

After obtaining the MATSEC students are encouraged to choose from various vocational and academic courses in the post secondary sectors. These courses range from academic; as preparation for entry to University, to technical, tourism, secretarial, health care, nautical, agricultural, hairdressing, and beauty therapy. Students in most of the post-secondary sector, besides being given free tuition, are also given financial stipends during their course of study.

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