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Residency in Malta

Three Definitions of Foreign Residency in Malta

For taxation and legal purposes, foreigners visiting Malta may fall within three different types of residency categories.  These are:

  1. Non-Residents - These are persons who visit Malta as tourists and whose any one stay does not exceed three months.  No Maltese tax is payable except for income arising in Malta .  If the foreigner owns a holiday home in Malta , no local tax is payable thereon except on the capital gain arising from the sale of the same home.
  2. Temporary Residents - Persons who are in Malta for a temporary purpose, for a period longer than three months.  Such persons require an extended tourist permit which is renewable at fixed intervals.  They are subject to Malta Income Tax on income arising in Malta or remitted to Malta and on capital gains arising in Malta .
  3. Permanent Residents - These are persons who are entitled to reside in Malta permanently on the basis of special legislation.  In order to obtain such a permit, a foreigner must satisfy the following conditions:
    • Wealth - the foreigner must provide evidence to show that he owns capital of Lm150,000 (EUR375,000) or that he has an annual income of Lm10,000 (EUR25,000).
    • Property - he must purchase a property in Malta valued at least at Lm50,000 (EUR125,000), (Lm30,000 (EUR75,000) in the case of an apartment) or he must rent a property at a cost of not less than Lm1,800 (EUR4,500) per annum.  This condition must be satisfied within twelve months from the date of issue of the permit.
    • Transfer of funds to Malta - he must remit to Malta at least Lm6,000 (EUR15,000) per annum for one person and a further Lm1,000 (EUR2,500) per annum for each dependent.  For the purposes of this scheme, ‘dependent' means:
      • spouse;
      • children under 21 years of age;
      • a parent or grandparent who is wholly dependent on the Permanent Resident.

Therefore, a married couple with one child would have to bring into Malta Lm8,000 (EUR20,000) per annum.  Once in Malta , these funds must not be re-transferred abroad.

Any income brought into Malta in excess of the minimum amount required under the conditions of the permit can be repatriated freely.

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